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What to expect in the first edition of DSD'r...

An introduction to DSD'r Magazine

DSD Founder, Dr Christian Coachman


“We are always looking for ways to enhance our communication with you, and our hope is that this publication will inform and inspire.

"The theme for this issue of DSDr magazine is ‘Step’. Why? Because all you need to do to change your current position is to move forward and take a step". 


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DSD'r Magazine


Who is DSD’r Magazine for?

DSD Members and anyone interested in learning more about Digital Smile Design. Be inspired and informed through a wealth of great content from the DSD team!

How often will it be published?

DSD’r Magazine will have three issues a year, delivered direct to your inbox.

How much does a subscription cost?

A digital subscription is free of charge! We want to inspire, educate and connect our DSD Community with this unique resource.

What can I expect to find inside DSD'r magazine?

Every issue of this digital subscription magazine will typically include:

  • A column from DSD Founder and CEO, Dr Christian Coachman
  • A clinical article demonstrating the latest DSD concepts
  • Updates on the calendar of DSD events
  • A profile of a successful DSD Clinic
  • The latest news from the DSD Planning Center
  • The latest innovations from the DSD App